About us

About us


Pay Partner is THE Payroll Center of Expertise that offers :

  • A worry-free, rigorous and efficient Payroll outsourcing service using your own Payroll system
  • Temporary / seasonal / occasional Payroll support for higher volume periods
  • Support during the payroll year-end process
  • Recruitment services targeting only Payroll professionals
  • Consulting services in the Payroll/HRIS sector

Our mission is to be THE trusted partner for compliant, secure and optimal payroll operations.

For Payroll Professionals, we support you in your efforts to find the position that will meet your needs. It is to your advantage to become our partner to benefit from: 

  • Our network of privileged contacts in the Payroll industry
  • Our personalized approach and attention to your career goals and aspirations
  • The range and number of Payroll opportunities available to you
  • Our coaching and guidance throughout your job search, selection and onboarding process

Pay Partner is proud to work closely on numerous HRIS-Payroll support mandates with Polarh.

In addition, since it is important to us to offer our employees flexible work measures, our human ressources management is ensured by myflow.ca.



Sylvain Robert President, Senior advisor

Benoit Chuniaud Senior Director, Consulting & Operations

Sophie Lemyre Manager, Talent & Corporate Services

Christine Tardieu-Chéron Human Ressources

Carolle Charron Senior Payroll Consultant

Patrick Michaud Senior Payroll Consultant

Carolyn Gagné Senior Payroll Consultant

Mélanie Ste-Croix Senior Payroll Consultant

Anna D'Ascanio Senior Payroll Consultant

Manon Legault Senior Payroll Consultant

Khadija M'Baye Senior payroll Consultant

Pierre Tremblay Payroll Consultant

Martine Ethier Payroll Consultant

Chantale Guilbault Payroll Consultant

Marie Géralda Lafleur Payroll Consultant

Lionel De Medeiros Payroll Consultant

Kayleigh Lemieux Payroll Consultant

Marina Magleli Payroll Consultant

Guy St-Jean Payroll Consultant

Jean-François Bordeleau President - Polarh

Nadine Tremblay HRIS Director - Polarh

Claude Deschênes HRIS Senior Analyst - Polarh

Carole Mari HRIS Senior Analyst - Polarh

Rami Mahrous HRIS Analyst - Polarh