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Mêlez-vous de vos affaires

Did you know that more than 190 standards and regulations govern the payroll sector in the country, 30 of which are specific to Quebec? The risk of errors, delays and non-compliance is therefore considerable, as is the hefty penalties bill that could ensue. These hover around 15%, plus daily interest rates. So, $ 10,000 in late remittances… that's $ 1,500 in penalties coming out of your pocket! It's no surprise that more and more companies are seeing a number of advantages in outsourcing their payroll service to a third party. Small statistics to back it up : PricewaterhouseCoopers forecasts a 5.5% growth of the payroll outsourcing market, which would lead to nearly 30% the proportion of companies, all categories combined, using external services.

Well invested time is strategic

Complexity and highly risks of mistakes are not the only issues for small and medium businesses payroll management. Does it really pay off for the entrepreneur to spend so much time on administrative tasks? All the time spent operating payroll… does it earn you? It is much more strategic for your business development to focus on building customer and employee loyalty, on building strategies to boost your visibility and reach new prospects.

We take care of your payroll, while you save money

Since payroll is not the specialty of every SME manager, you have two options: recruit a professional or entrust a part or your entire operations to experts. Creating a job for a payroll manager can be an expensive option for a small business. Contrary to what you might think, delegating your payroll to experts can make you save not only time but also money!  Calculate how much time you or your payroll employee spend on these tasks each month and you’ll see...

What about delegated payroll management

Unlike outsourcing, delegated payroll management allows you to keep your own payroll software. PayPartner offers you a turnkey option by operating your payroll from your own systems, thus helping to preserve your technological ecosystem. Your precious data remains hosted there for better peace of mind. In addition, before you start managing your payroll operations, a full audit is carried out by specialists to ensure your full compliance and identify efficiency gains. Besides, are you sure that your payroll is currently being administered in accordance with all applicable rules?

We take care of your payroll, you take care of your business

Opting for a centralized, secure and standardized payroll management means making a wise decision that will improve your business efficiency while contributing to its profitability since you will devote your precious time ... to your success!


Sophie Lemyre, Manager talents and corporate services


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