Temporary & On-Demand Payroll Staffing

Need help quickly? We provide you with our own team of specialists as well as an extensive network of payroll professionals who can help you manage, execute and control your payroll operations as quickly as possible.

Do you recognize yourself?

  • Are you faced with the unexpected departure of your payroll manager, requiring the most rapid reaction to ensure the continuity of your essential operations?
  • Will you shortly be implementing a new payroll system that will require the temporary addition of a payroll resource in order to free up the members of your regular team?
  • Is your business growing and the workload required to operate your payroll exceeds expected capacity?

Here's why organizations hire temporary professionals :

  • Evaluate the work in order to create a full-time position
  • Get help with special projects
  • Get access to specialized skills
  • Adapt the team according to needs
  • Lighten the burden on full-time employees
  • Gain flexibility in times of changing economic conditions

Whether it is supporting your team for a few hours a week or a replacement for a few weeks or months, we can provide you with an experienced resource who will take over your operations in a very short time.

Payroll is an essential service for your business. It is the duty of every employer to provide each of its employees with proper pay. Mistakes and delays have no place. Don't take any risks and call on our support team of qualified and experienced specialists. We will intervene quickly to ensure the management of your service ... and your peace of mind!

Contact us at 1-888-850-3303 or at info@paiepartenaire.ca